Privacy Policy

At, we respect the privacy of information of our clients and make sure that we do not mis-use or share this information with any entity. Client information is top confidential and it is only been used to improve our own services. It is our own responsibility to make sure that the information provided is top confidential and is not, by any means, being sold or rented out to any entity.

Our privacy policy describes the purpose and use of the client information being collected and also how we ensure the confidentiality and privacy of this information.

Personal Information Collected

We only collect the following information:

• Client’s Name
• Client’s E-Mail
• Client’s Contact Number
• Client’s Credit Card Number

The above information is collected from each and every customer who is saving his/her information or ordering any of our services online. Company can use the above information collected for resolving customer queries, etc.

Design Specifications

The data collected from client is used for a variety of purposes including order processing, order confirmation, order delivery, order receipt, etc. It is also noteworthy that any of the company representatives can give a call to customer to resolve any type of query, or e-mail the customer regarding any queries related to the order.

The e-mail and phone numbers are also used to updates our customers regarding new products, offers, discounts, etc. Additionally, the company also use the collected data to make betterment in its website design, and the overall purchasing experience of our clients.

3rd Party Sharing

It is one of our values that we do not release personal information of our customers to ant 3rd parties other than the domains owned by us. The personal information of customers, in no other circumstances, can be provided or sold to any 3rd party

Security of Personal Information

We make sure that the personal information of our customers is 100% secure and is also safe while it is being transmitted through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Software, as the information put-in by the customer is encrypted by this software

Access of Registered Accounts

The customer can easily access the previously submitted information to our website by simply signing in to their accounts on our website’s login area.

Changing & Deleting/Unsubscribing Accounts

Customers can easily change, delete the information and also can unsubscribe from our website by simply emailing a request for subscription cancellation. This shall make sure that the customer will not get any emails related to any of the orders placed on our website

Cookies and Their Use

Web browsers are the main source through which cookies are transferred to the hard disk of the user. These cookies help us to identify which browser the client is using and the storage of items in Shopping Cart during particular visits.

The user can always receive a notification whenever a new cookie is saved in the hard drive. Also the user can prevent the hard drive to receive new cookies or to disable the cookies altogether. This can easily be read and understood from the help segment of the toolbar on all browsers. On the other hand, the use of cookies can make it easier for the user to enjoy different features on our website so as to gain maximum benefit.


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